• Congratulations to Sandy

    Congratulations to Sandy Duncan who has won the Marion Hill Trophy for the Scottish Gold Cup Plate, playing with Bob McPaul, Derrick Peden and Jim Hay. This qualifies them for the quarter-finals of the Silver Plate. read more...
    Friday, 20 November 2020 by Paul Gipson
  • Congratulations to Marion and John

    Marion Mead won the Masters and John Smithson won the District Masters category of the July SBU Bronze Bidding Challenge. read more...
    Thursday, 12 November 2020 by Paul Gipson
  • Christine and Jane, our first virtual winners

    The first tournament of the Berwick Virtual Club ran smoothly and was won by Christine McCreath and Jane Smithson with 63.67%. They won 24 SBU master points and 0.9 BBO master points: BBO master points are used for the black numbers you see after BBO usernames. We had eleven full tables and four kibitzers that I hope will play soon. read more...
    Wednesday, 04 November 2020 by Paul Gipson
  • Louis is our first director

    Congratulations to Louis Moore who has become the first newly accredited BBO director for the Berwick Virtual Club, meaning that he can run pay tournaments for the club. As with normal bridge, the club will not survive without people willing to direct events and it is a bigger commitment online as directors are not permitted to play in the tournament they are directing. There are many more members ready for accreditation, but Louis was the first to accept the daunting challenge of running a tournament... read more...
    Thursday, 29 October 2020 by Paul Gipson
  • Berwick online teams

    As you will have seen in the new calendar, we are running team events on some Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The idea is to run these like the Scott Cup and Woodman Trophy, but the format will be different as BBO does not support multiple teams. Thursday will be handicapped. Neither event has an entry fee and there will be no prize money or SBU master points. The format of each event will depend on the number of entries, but it will probably be a round-robin or Swiss format. In each round (evening),... read more...
    Monday, 26 October 2020 by Paul Gipson
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