Berwick online teams

Monday, 26 October 2020 by Paul Gipson

As you will have seen in the new calendar, we are running team events on some Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The idea is to run these like the Scott Cup and Woodman Trophy, but the format will be different as BBO does not support multiple teams. Thursday will be handicapped.

Neither event has an entry fee and there will be no prize money or SBU master points.

The format of each event will depend on the number of entries, but it will probably be a round-robin or Swiss format.

In each round (evening), a team will play a 16-board match against another team, similar to some of the matches against other clubs that we’ve held. It will be helpful if teams can run these themselves, as there are many club members who are used to running team matches. But if neither team has a potential host then just let Paul know.

The following form is for entries to the Tuesday online teams. You may enter as a team of four or as a pair or individual where we’ll try to help.

Tuesday entry form:

The following form is for entries to the Thursday online handicapped teams. You must enter as a pair or an individual. Louis will then assign teammates as he does for the Woodman Trophy.

Thursday entry form:

A list of current entries, including those looking for teammates, is on


Results must be submitted using the following form for both evenings:

Conditions of contest

  • The draw for each round will be made shortly after the results for the previous round have been received. 

  • Matches should be played at 7pm. However you may rearrange the match for another time or date but you must let Paul know.

  • Captains are responsible for ensuring that they have a competent host for the match (contact Paul if you need help).

  • Teams of four, with substitutions allowed. Substitutes can play for more than one team and there is no limit to the number of substitutes. We want teams to play, not sit out.

  • 16-board matches played as two stanzas of 8 boards with change of opponents. The IMP result will be converted to victory points on the WBF continuous scale.

  • The default match settings are undos on, barometer off, kibitzers allowed silent (so cannot chat to players). The captains may vary these by agreement.

  • UNDOs are permitted in the auction for misclicks, but are not permitted during the play.

  • SBU master points will not be awarded, but virtual master points from the final tables will be added to the club master point competitions.